Here’s a very important factor the super affiliate marketers do differently than everybody else.

They learn how to select a good product to market.

The truth is, choosing the incorrect affiliate offer can damage your complete business by destroying your reputation. Do you think your readers will still trust you if you recommend a shoddy product or a scamming vendor? Heck no. That is why you’ll want to safeguard your reputation as well as your business by only promoting high-quality products released by reputable sellers.

Here’s how to do it…

Due Your Due Diligence and Evaluate the Product

No matter whether every other affiliate marketer in the specific niche market is raving about the product. No matter whether you have to choose the product yourself (hey, it’s tax deductible generally in most places). No matter whether the web page is really as slick as a whistle and the commissions are super attractive…

To put it simply, don’t recommend it if you haven’t first evaluated and used the product.

And you know what?

Those other affiliate marketers raving about the product might not exactly have used the product either. They’re all just looking for something profitable to market. If you simply follow the herd, they could just lead you off a cliff.

Imagine if the product actually is complete rubbish. What do you feel that can do to your reputation if you recommend the product to your visitors? That’s right, they could never trust you again if you hype up a pile of rubbish.

It’s not worthwhile to market a big-commission product if as it happens to be rubbish. You can find a pile of cash today, but you will be challenged to ever selling anything to your list again. Therefore the only products you ought to be suggesting are those you’d recommend to your mom or your very best friend.

Next up…

Browse the Sales Page

Most product vendors wish to accomplish everything they can to make certain their affiliate marketers happy. But there are this minority of merchants who’re sneaky as hell. Their business is so shady they’d take commissions from their own mother. So in retrospect, you need to be careful and watch your back. In the end, if they’d take from you, consider how they’ll treat your customers.

So what you should do is browse the sales page and order form. Proceed through every link. Proceed through the complete process. Watch out for these exact things:

– Unnecessary sales page leakages, such as links leading off the page. Specifically, look for advertisings to other products.

– Alternative repayment methods on the order form that don’t offer you affiliate credit. This may be another payment processor, or perhaps a number for phone orders.

– Hijacked commissions. The best nefarious vendors will actually overwrite your affiliate link with their own. Go through the buying process to make sure you get credit for the sales.

In a nutshell, look for whatever could stifle sales or hijack your commissions.


Research the Vendor

The product appears great, the sales page appears good. Time to market?

Not quite.

Now you will need to research the vendor to be certain he’s not going to treat your visitors (or you) improperly. So drop his name into your selected internet search engine and do some research. Choose a pattern of problems such as:

– Slow or elsewhere poor customer support.

– Not honoring a guarantee/refund policy.

– Doesn’t pay business associates/partners (or will rather pay them slowly).

Just look for whatever might suggest your vendor may make an effort to rip off you or your visitors – and if there is even one small red flag, move on to the next vendor.

Bottom Line…

When you’re an affiliate, you’re linking your reputation to the trustworthiness of the product and vendor. That is why you want to make sure you partner up your business to good, genuine people and products.

Now, this might all seem to be making good sense, but plenty of men and women disregard these steps. Actually, there is always a good deal of steps, aspiring affiliate marketers forget about when they’re establishing their business – and they wonder why they can not appear to sell more than two products per month.

Don’t allow this to be you. Be certain your business is established the proper way – the profitable way – by discovering the secrets of the super affiliate marketers at

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